5 Year Old Says Dating Three Chicks At The Same Time Is Too Hard.. PREACH!

How about this kid, just scooping up all the action! Other kids can’t even compete.. Most kids think they want all the attention, they think they want 3 girlfriends.. No they don’t, it’s hard work.. It’s stressful.. This kid probably spends more of his time covering up his tracks and lying about who gave him their snacks at snack time than he spends holding hands watching the lion king..

Welcome to the long haul little bro! Its going to be like this from here on out.. It’s going to get even harder when you all get little Facebooks.. Juggling 2-3 chicks at the same time will get even harder.. More stress than you know, bro. It’s nearly impossible now, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg..

This kid is just such a stud in the making. He’ll overcome.. He’ll find a way.