This Guy Looks Like The Type Of Guy That Would Eat His Own Flesh, And Compare It To ‘Wild Sheep Meat’.. Oh Wait, He Did??

HUFFPOST- This was really a self-serving art project.

A Norwegian artist claims to have consumed the meat off of his own hip bone, and he says it tasted like “wild sheep,” according to The Local.

Alexander Selvik Wengshoel, 25, was born with a hip deformity and had to have an operation to replace one of his hips. He filmed the operation and displayed the removed hip bone at his graduation show at the Tromso Academy of Art. At the show, he told Norwegian newspaper Nordlys that he also consumed some of the flesh attached to the bone.

The artist says he boiled the bone to remove the “meat,” then ate it with a side of potato gratin and a glass of wine.

“I made myself dinner while my girlfriend was at work, and I just resolved to have this really nice moment, with me and my hipbone,” he said, according to the Local.

The Local asked Wengshoel if his claim was a hoax, but he told them “It’s true.”

He also said the process of mowing down on his hip flesh was therapeutic.

“The hipbone had been such a problem for me for over 20 years, and it was just a way of making it better again,” he said.

Either way, it’s probably for the best that the meal was a solo affair. In 2012, Japanese artist Mao Sugiyama was charged with indecent exposure after allegedly cooking and serving his own severed genitals to a group of cannibalistic diners who paid about $250 each for the privilege.

While Wengshoel stated the dish he served up tasted similar to “wild sheep,” other accounts of the taste of human flesh differ.

German cannibal and convicted killer Armin Meiwes said in 2007 that his human brethren tastes like pork, but “a little bit more bitter, stronger.”

And in the 1920s, journalist William Seabrook wrote that the human flesh he consumed while spending time with some cannibals in West Africa tasted like “good, fully developed veal.”

Alright.. Wow.. I think the first thing that must be said is this guy didn’t eat his own flesh for art.. He didn’t do it to symbolize his overcoming years of hip pain.. He did it because he had “The Hunger
He was curious like a cat, had the rare opportunity to taste human flesh, waited till his girlfriend went to work, and then went Hannibal Lecter on everybody’s ass.

Like you kind of have to be a psychopath to eat your own flesh with a side of potatoes gratin and a glass of wine.. Might as well have been fava beans and a fine chianti..

And it tasted like “wild sheep”…? Umm what.. How do you even know what “wild sheep” tastes like?? No.. That has to be wrong, guy’s pallet has to be off a little.. I was under the impression it tasted like a tender gamier pork.. Well that sucks.. I would be a little let down if I was this guy.