Stephen A Smith Addresses Stance On Mark Cuban’s ‘Prejudice’ Interview.. First Time I’ve Been On Stephen A’s Side Here

Well, goddamn.. I can’t believe I’m about to say this.. But I think I’m Team Stephen A. Smith.. The realest people are the people that make educated thought out statements, and then no matter what the response, stand by their words.. I have respect for people like that.

How un-productive to call this guy an “Uncle Tom” or a “sell out”.. I know this was twitter, and there are a lot of ignorant people on twitter, but come on..

Here were my problems with the response to Mark Cubans statements earlier this week..

Mark Cuban is an educated guy.. He’s an incredibly smart business man.. He’s pretty down to earth as well.. He doesn’t say stupid, ignorant things.. But that doesn’t mean that some of the things he says can’t be taken out of context.. Because they so clearly were here. OMG he said black dude in a hoody.. He must be talking about Trayvon Martin.. Guys grow up.. Stop hunting for racially charged fodder.. It’s just not there.. In the same breath that he talked about dudes in hoodies, he talked about white dudes with tattoos.. He was talking about prejudices, which let me remind you.. We all have.. It’s almost inherently human to have prejudices..

But what I love about Stephen A’s response is, hey, of course there are disadvantages, of course there’s a level of racism, which as a society, we must work to overcome.. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful.. And this applies to everyone of every race: you have to work hard, you have to pound the pavement, you have to try and fail, and try again. Be hungry, we can’t all be successful rappers, athletes, rock stars, they’re “1 in a billion” but we can be Stephen A Smiths on ESPN, have to work hard!