Sox Lose 10th Straight, Benches Clear, And Gomes Is 100% Ready To Brawl 100% Of The Time

Ok, first of all.. Jesus.. 10 games.. Guys, come on. I have no problem with Yunel taking third base.. Steal the fuckk out of third base if the Sox are just going to roll over and die on the field..

Second, there is an unspoken “stop the running game, when it looks like they’ve had enough” rule.. It’s for when you’re slaughtering a team by 10 to 15 runs, and it pretty much only applies to 10 year old little leaguers, so welcome to professional baseball, stop sucking so bad and we won’t even have this “wah they’re killing us in the seventh inning, and they keep stealing bases” problem.. Ferrell, bud, there is no “gray area” here, win a baseball game..

Third thing, I love the Sox, even when they’re sucking.. You don’t mess with David Ross, he’s a true team kind of guy.. And if you mess with Ross, you’re gonna get Gomes in your face, because Gomes is like the Shawn Thorton of the Red Sox.. If someone threatens to hurt a teammate you’re gonna get Gomes.. Gonna get the horns.

PS- I hate A.J. Pierzynski behind the plate.. He in no way fits the mold of the Sox of last year.. Guy’s a jackass. Give me Ross behind the plate, drop A.J. Pierzynsgay and I bet the Sox turn themselves around.