ROBBIE K UPDATE: Skips Kim’s Wedding Because He Doesn’t Want His Weight Gain Captured In Wedding Pics

Bro.. You skipped the wedding?? How you mean?? Rob has no idea what kind of treats he missed out on.. You could have had all the cake in the world, bro! Everyone knows you put on 50 pounds.. It was a headline like two weeks ago, so what if you had to get your tux altered like 30 sizes.. Wedding of the century..

Rob, bud, this is what you missed..
while you were crushing Cheetos on your couch, everyone was eating 7 meters of cake, 5,000€ worth of lush angel food cake..

But you know what.. It’s probably better you stayed away, you might have consumed like 2 tiers of cake before the ceremony and came out of the kitchen looking like this lady