Well Sofia Vergara’s Comeback To This Tweet Was Strong To Uhh.. Quite Strong.. Possibly One Of The Hottest Babes On This Planet

Well “Mean Tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel almost always delivers.. But rarely does it actually turn me on..

Here’s the deal.. First, I’m not into Julia Roberts.. So I totally get @kemotherapy7’s “People actually think Julia Roberts is hot!?” tweet..

Second, I wouldn’t ever hang with Don Cheadle either, guy just seems boring as fuckk..

David Blaine, bro, could you seem like you don’t care about life anymore than you do??

And finally.. Sofia Vergara.. O M G.. Throwing absolute fireball stares at the camera, talking about men’s genitalia.. Talk about a fuego combination.. I was eating a piece of cake at a cafe when I watched this and literally dropped my fork, mid bite, when she said, “what’s wrong with having a dick in my mouth?” So naughty. So risqué. So late night TV. Thanks For this Kimmel 😉

PS- Sofia Vergara has got to be one of the most beautiful women on this planet, absolute fireee