How About T.I. Trying To Fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather In A Fatburger On The Vegas Strip

Fatburger on the Vegas strip just became the Wild Wild West chairs flying everywhere, bottles, glasses soaring through the air..

Wowww.. 1 trillion respect points for T.I. right here. Big old balls of steel, swinging at Floyd Mayweather.. Nobody tell T.I. that this guy is a professional at punching people.. And he’s actually perfect at that.. Because T.I. doesn’t give a fuck. Zero fucks given. They’re both 5′ 8″ apparently, I think T.I. sized him up and said “alright we’re the same size.. he is fast though.. But let’s see how fast he is in a Fatburger on the Vegas strip!”

I think Floyd said that T.I. needed to “Control [his] bitch, motherfu**er!” Pretty much said T.I. needs to keep his “hoe” on a leash.. I think that’s what started it..

Not T.I.’s fault bitches be runnin wild..

Either way.. T.I.’s not someone you want to fight.. He doesn’t care who you are, probably gets this crazy look in his eye and just gets it the fuck on. Wildcard style.

uh oh I know what started it..