New Pistons Coach Stan Van Gundy To Cavs’ Dan Gilbert “Worry About Your Own Team”


ESPN – Stan Van Gundy has some advice for Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert: worry about your own team.

After Gilbert said in a radio interview that the Pistons should remove “Detroit” from its name because they play in Auburn Hills, Van Gundy fired back at the Detroit native.

“Dan Gilbert has some selfish interests for saying what he said,” Van Gundy said on 105.1 FM in Detroit. “I think we know what those are. Finally I think he has enough to worry about with his own team than worrying about us.”

Van Gundy’s remarks about “selfish interests” may have to do with Gilbert having invested millions in downtown Detroit. Gilbert also has spoken to Pistons owner Tom Gores “four or five times at the owners meetings,” where he’s brought up the topic about a downtown move, according to The Detroit News.

“If you’re gonna convince someone like that, and I’ve said it to him, long term for business reasons, that’s not a viable place that you’re gonna have a long-term successful, profitable venture,” Gilbert said. “People want entertainment, a whole night of it, a whole experience.”

Van Gundy’s remarks came after Gilbert spoke earlier Friday.

“Detroit doesn’t have an NBA team, because they’re somewhere 30 miles north of here, right? They’re in Auburn Hills, right?” Gilbert said on “Mojo In The Morning” on 95.5 FM.

“Now that Sacramento is building an arena downtown, they’re the only one not in an urban core. The only one. It’s really not good business. It’s nothing against Auburn Hills, Oakland County or L. Brooks Patterson. An arena in the middle of a field is not an ideal thing.”

The Pistons are the only professional team that doesn’t play in downtown Detroit. After moving to Pontiac in the 1970s, the team has called Auburn Hills home since 1988.

“Tom Gores has been involved in the city of Detroit, not just the surrounding area,” Van Gundy said. “There are teams all over the place that carry the name of the city but represent an entire area. Where we play isn’t that much relevance.”

Ooooo Burnnn! Stan Van Gundy dishing it out! Look, the Pistons haven’t been in the news lately.. Actually I forgot the existed at some points during the season. They hadn’t been relevant for yearss.. We’re talking maybe 5 years at least.

Regardless SVG has a point here.. Hey Dan, maybe you should worry about your team.. You’ve received the privilege of the first overall draft pick 3 of the last 4 years.. You know why? Because the Cavs suck. They sucked before you got Lebron, and they sucked even worse after he took his talents down to South Beach.. I mean I think it’s kind of hard to suck so consistently when you’re taking the 1st Overall pick almost every year..

So maybe, just maybe, you should stop worrying about where the Pistons play ball.. And maybe worry about how you can woo Bron Bron back, and maybe take a stab at a championship. But hey, what do I know? That’s just my opinion.. Keep doing you.

PS- would you want this guy in control of your Basketball team?
Looks like the kind of guy that drafts players based on how cool he thinks they’re youtube highlight video is..