If you think that, after reading this article on the 6 unfound treasures, I’m not putting together a team of Laura Crofts and Indiana Jones’ and getting me some treasure, you’re out of your mind

Whaaaaattt? Ok I saw this HuffPost article on lost treasures.. The ones that are still lost.. I’m in.. 100% fucking in!! If you think I’m not assembling a team of treasure hunters and mapsmen as I write this, you’re thick in the head.. So here are the treasures I will hunt and why..

HUFFPOST – If you’ve ever wanted to be a real-life Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, there are a few places you can start looking today.

With so many legends of lost riches out there, it’s easy to think that treasure could be found just about anywhere. Consult a treasure seeking forum for just a few moments and you’ll realize that even right now, sweet loot may be hiding somewhere just a short trip away.

It’s impossible to know if a treasure legend is true until the riches are actually found, but below is a roundup of lost riches that actually seem worth hunting for. Continue on, treasure seekers, as the potential greatest finds of a generation are just below.

1. The Forrest Fenn Treasure of the Rocky Mountains
After being diagnosed with cancer in 1988, millionaire art collector Forrest Fenn decided that before he died, he’d like to hide a treasure chest containing some of his most valuable possessions. Fenn ended up surviving the cancer, however, and in 2010 finally hid his treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Although the clues keep adding up (Fenn has written two books leading would-be seekers to the hiding place), and the treasure is supposedly worth millions, to this day it has yet to be found.

The exact contents of the treasure are unknown, but a friend of Fenn’s who helped assemble the prize told Vice, “When you open the lid… it was all thrown in willy-nilly, just these huge heaps of massive gold coins, gold nuggets the size of hens eggs, jewels, gold bracelets, gold ornaments from South America, and everything glittering in the light.” That sounds pretty shiny!

Treasure hunters have gone to great lengths to discover the treasure. Some have resorted to stalking Fenn, while others have mistakenly dug up areas in Central Park and even the graves of Fenn’s parents and brother. If you’d like to join the hunt, a good place to start is Dal Neitzel’s blog about the treasure, this recent profile of Fenn by HuffPost blogger Margie Goldsmith, or just check out the Facebook page.

Here’s what we’re dealing with:

Location: Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains


Dangers: Rattle Snakes, Bears, Mountain Lions + strange mountain weather.. And according to the National Park Service site, “the plague”


Treasure: “Huge heaps of massive gold coins, gold nuggets the size of hens eggs, jewels, gold bracelets, gold ornaments from South America..”

Purse: Millions of dollars

If you could only see my eyes right now.. Money signs baby! Free money in the Rocky’s!! What an adventure, I feel like a child right now just filled with excitement and intrigue.. Assembling a team of treasure hunters as we speak and booking a flight out west.

This is so obviously the first choice.. It’s an expedition on home soil.. Guy’s also written two books on his hidden treasure.. Consider them read, I might read at a second grade level though.. That being said, I promise 10% of the theoretical prize to whoever will step the fuck up and read them to me.

You have to be an idiot not to go after this one.

3. The Treasure of Lima

The Spanish accumulated a great deal of wealth after defeating the Incan empire in the 16th century. Much of that wealth was stored in Lima up until 1820, when a revolt forced the Spanish to try and save their treasure by moving it out of the city. British Captain William Thompson and his ship, the Mary Dear, were put in charge of taking the treasure out of the city and sailing around the area until the revolt died down. Stricken with temptation, however, Thompson and his crew killed the Spanish guards and allegedly buried the entire haul. The Mary Dear was later captured and the entire crew was executed, except for Thompson and his first mate, who agreed to show the Spanish where they’d buried the loot. They directed the Spanish to Cocos Island, near present day Costa Rica, but when they reached the shore the two spared pirates ran into the jungle, never to be seen again.

So many questions remain: Did Thompson and his first mate end up digging up the treasure and carrying on with their lives once the Spanish gave up looking for them? Is Cocos Island even where they buried the treasure, or just a place they knew they could hide? What was the makeup of this treasure haul? The last question can be at least partially answered. Spanish officials at the time estimated the treasure was worth somewhere between $12 and $60 million, and an “original inventory” included a “solid-gold, gem-encrusted, life-size image of the Virgin Mary,” along with “113 gold religious statues… 200 chests of jewels; 273 swords with jeweled hilts; 1,000 diamonds; solid gold crowns; 150 chalices; and hundreds of gold and silver bars.”

Today the treasure is estimated to be valued somewhere around $200 million and its current whereabouts continue to remain hidden.

Well $200 million that’s quaint. What a fucking story though!! Only those two Brits knew where the treasure was buried and they just take off into the jungle never to be seen again.. That’s the stuff of legends.

What we’re dealing with:

Location: Somewhere on an island off the coast of Costa Rica


Dangers: it’s South America.. Poisonous everything.. Not even going to research this one.. Bring some bug-spray.. Bring a machete. Possibly still have pirates down there..

I don’t know.. Prepare for pirates.. It’s better safe than sorry.

Treasure: “solid-gold, gem-encrusted, life-size image of the Virgin Mary,” along with “113 gold religious statues… 200 chests of jewels; 273 swords with jeweled hilts; 1,000 diamonds; solid gold crowns; 150 chalices; and hundreds of gold and silver bars.”


Purse: Estimated value is around $200 million


Wait, I’m sorry, what..? 200 chests of jewlels.. That’s a lot.. I’m still kind of on the fence about this one.. I don’t know South America like I know the Rockies. There aren’t clues, and it would probably take a large crew and a lot of time to dig up every island off the coast of Costa Rica. But you can’t help but imagine finding $200 mil of buried treasure, that’s something you dream about as a kid on the playground, that’s some real pirate shit.

I’m too lazy to get into the other treasures.. Plus the other ones aren’t really cool.. El Dorado is apparently under a lake in Colombia.. They found gold at the bottom.. But just couldn’t figure out how to drain it without killing 100s of people.. So they stopped trying.. Fucking dumb. The rest of the article is here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/05/21/hidden-treasure_n_5274647.html?utm_hp_ref=weird-news

Either way.. My life’s about to be like Duck Tales, going on adventures and swimming in gold coins