Watching Rob Kardashian Slowly Become Obese Has Got To Be One Of The Funniest Things Ever

So I saw the most recent pics of Rob Kardashian on Barstool, and couldn’t help but giggle like a school boy.. So funny! In a room full of sleeping people, I could hardly contain myself.. And tried to pass off giggles as coughs so nobody would get pissed.

Ok I know this sounds kind of mean, but nothing has given me more joy than watching Rob Kardashian pack on the pounds.. Guy was such a stud, then boom all of the sudden he’s throwing around fat tweets …20140520-161417-58457502.jpg20140520-161441-58481746.jpg
“BEAST MODE!!” That was fall ’13.. Fast forward and we got ourselves this guy


Jonah Hill and Tony Soprano’s illegitimate love child..

I’ve compiled a few photos to show the evolution of Rob Kardashian..

Like, I don’t know what’s going on with the hairline.. But pretty much a stud..


20140520-163141-59501559.jpg Stud with hot babe on arm


20140520-163538-59738099.jpg Alright guy put a few pounds on.. No biggie..

20140520-163709-59829757.jpg BEAST MODE POWER WALKING just fucking killing the power walking.. I can appreciate this because I expect to lose weight hiking Northern Spain, but I’m probably gaining weight.. Also in Rob’s case, it’s a different story if you’re power walking to McDonalds to pound 30 burgers off the value menu.

20140520-164206-60126608.jpg And we’ve arrived at present day Rob. Mayor of Tittie City.

All I want to know is what Scott thinks of Rob.. Scott’s so frank, I’m sure he lets Rob have it, like “Hey Rob, what’d you eat Khloe…? Thank god, I hated that bitch.” Rob probably goes and cries himself through a bag of powdered donuts. Or maybe 100 bags of “100 Calorie Oreos”… The healthy option.