So I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the Bruins/Habs series..



During this walkabout of mine, threw the beautiful hills of Northern Spain, I’ve had two days without wifi, stopping here and there to just sit on a nice rock or stump over looking the mountains and valleys with different shades of vibrant green, plenty of time to meditate.. Plenty of time to think about the Game 7 loss to the Habs, plenty of time to mend a broken heart. WTFFF HAPPENED?? Every time I remember that the Bs season is over, I stop and kick fucking rocks, pounding sand.. So upset..

But like I said, I’ve had plenty of “me” time to reflect and realize that we have plenty of shit to be thankful for…

Like this guy..




So emotional.. Just such a wide ranged, versatile man.

The Sox are finally at .500, just a game back of the Yanks, and 1.5 back of the Orioles…

You know what? Fuck it, I’m gonna stop trying to find a silver lining to this losing to the Habs thing.. Bs should of won the cup this year..

For those still mourning.. This video always made me happy, maybe because it’s a jam, and I love me some Kate Upton