I Neeeeed This Gos Shirt!! Noww!!


So everybody knows that Macaulay Culkin has a shirt of Gos wearing a Macaulay shirt.. That’s cool and all… Haha.. Funny, nice joke.. But how bout this fucking shirt!!! I neeeeed this shirt.. I know it’s not real, I know it’s a dumb joke, but I need it! I might just have the biggest man crush on the Gos, he’s just such a fucking animal.

P.S. – This whole Macaulay / Gos shirt thing could honestly spiral out of control though.. Before you know it Macaulay’s going to have a shirt with the Gos wearing his Gos wearing Macaulay wearing Gos wearing Macaulay shirt.. And before you know it it’s just one blur of pictures of the two wearing eachother.. I honestly can’t even wrap my mind around it..

Double P.S. – Will Macaulay ever look normal again.. Like I think Michael may have messed Home Alone up a little too much.. Kid looks like and will always look like rickety cricket.