There’s A Lot I Missed This Week

So there’s basically a ton of shit I missed this week.. The draft, Johnny Football everything, the sox almost getting no-hit, the NBA Playoffs… And the snake in the Blazers locker room.. But I digress.. Here’s what’s on my mind right now…


Canned Gatorade.. Was I away for that long..? that while I was walking the foothills of Northern Spain I missed out on major changes such as this one?

Here’s what I’m upset about. I feel like this turns Gatorade into a leisure drink.. This is the nectar that nourishes the worlds greatest athletes.. This isn’t a drink that Joe Schmo can just go buy and crack while he’s watching wheel of fortune.. So… What are you “Aquarade”? Where did you come from? Since when has Gatorade been in a can? Is this a spanish thing? These are all questions you might be asking…

Well, I tried it.. Couldn’t help but get it. I was dehydrated and malnourished.. So I’m thinking what does Gatorade do? It hydrates you and fills you with electrolytes. It nourishes your body. Perfect.. Exactly what an athlete of my caliber needs right now. Not at all what I expected though.. I expected fizzy soda Gatorade.. It was regular Gatorade.. And though I was upset that it wasn’t anything special, I trust the Gatorade scientists.. They almost never get it wrong.