Bill Nye The Science Guy Never Fails To Deliver When He’s On National Television


Here’s a rule of thumb… Don’t ever ask Bill Nye the Science Guy to “look you in the eyes” because he will look so farrrr into your eyes and tell you exactly what’s on his mind..

Bill Nye don’t give a fuck… I don’t know why these major news networks continue to host this guy because he just simply balls on everybody’s asses.. there’s no competition when it comes to this guy.. he’s got the facts when it comes to the topics of evolution, climate change, and baking soda and vinegar volcanoes.. the guy knows his shit.. so why do these networks keep having him on, he just ends up making their anchors look like tiny children out there. Just ends up killin everyone with his classy bow tie

Go ahead, regurgitate some study on hurricanes you read Nicholas, Bill’s just gonna say “Hurricanes-shmuricanes” and tell you how it really is..

And who’s this Nicholas Soris? It sounds like his balls haven’t dropped yet.. Sounds like the bitch voice I put on when I ask people for directions in spanish.. His voice just trembles with fear.

I’m with Bill though… If people can’t wrap their minds around the reality that is climate change, and what we’re doing to contribute to the problem.. we’re doomed. We’ll see the effects of climate change in our time, I promise you.

I love how everything this chick says, Bill’s got a rebuttal.. “Cows will account for the most carbon emissions.. More than 25,000,000 cars.. Does that surprise you” “actually no it doesn’t, there are 25,000,000 cars in a 10 kilometer radius from here…” Booom… Just slaying news anchors with his knowledge and bow ties

PS – this video’s great