Let’s Not Pretend Like The Circus Is A Fun Place To Be.. 10 Barnum & Bailey Acrobats Hurt In Stunt Gone Wrong

Alright, lets stop pretending like the circus is a fun place to be.. it’s not. It’s a scary place where women in beards are chased by clowns, men are fired out of cannons, and dwarfs juggle knives.. (I actually don’t know if any of that stuff happens) it’s the freakiest most LSD inspired horror show.

Going as a kid, all I can remember is being inside a sweaty, smelly tent, with a bunch of fat people, and weirdo clowns. “Thanks mom and dad! The circus was so much fun!” I would tell them, and then we’d go home and I’d stare at the ceiling for 4 hours just trying to erase all I’d just seen. The only good part was the cotton candy. Love cotton candy.

But now we have these acrobats hanging from their hair, falling from the sky.. not cool man. Some poor kid’s in the front row, and his only worry is that he’ll have to interact with the clown at some point, and then BOOM.. Pain, blood, gore, agony. That’ll leave a mental scar.

Kid in the front row probably looked exactly like this guy.

Kind of reminds me of that South Park episode where Butters is in that tap dancing competition and his shoe flies off and everybody dies.. Scarred him for life.

PS – how about the guy in the video? “I’ll leave a link in the comment section, for live updates” Guy’s all over the situation.