I Have So Many First World Problems Today


(I can’t even right now)

1. The shower I took this morning was too hot.

1B. I ran out of shampoo and didn’t even know.. so I had to use regular soap.. well there goes that silky smoothness I was going for today.

2. I ate too much toast and cereal at breakfast.

2B. Went and ate too much chorizo.. You don’t ever say no to chorizo though, it’s one of those things.

3. I drank too much Milk and OJ, filled my body with more nutrients than it could handle.

4. My towel smells funny.

5. My cellphone is dead, but even if it was alive I couldn’t text or call anybody.

6. The wifi is really spotty.

7. I had to change in a Burger King bathroom.

8. Spotify is in spanish.

9. The water I got at the store tastes like a fruit that I don’t like.

10. My iPad doesn’t charge fast enough.

11. And… I let my coffee get cold..