Young Girl Sends Adorable Break-Up Note To “Shawn”


Adorable, I only used the word “Adorable” in the title to drag you in. She doesn’t even know how to spell… Goddd, Rachel, last time I checked, when we were eight years of age, we were right there in the middle of cooties and crush ville.. cut this Shawn kid some serious slack.. he probably thought he liked you, realized you still had cooties, didn’t want to catch them, and then couldn’t make up his mind after that.. no need to talk about communications.. Shawn asked you out, he had the cojones to do that, he’s fine in the communications department.

Jeeez girls are always thinking about marriage and the future and shit.. poor kid Shawn is literally going to get this from here on out.. too bad he won’t be able to enjoy the good years.. some tiny girl’s always going to be shoving marriage down his throat, before you know it, he’ll be splitting his lunch money 50/50.. because “Your money and my money is our money.”