Nobody Knows That I’m A Sock Model, The Sock Modeling Industry Is Kind Of An Anonymous Game


You might come across this photo, here or there, and when you do you might start to ask questions like “Who’s the man behind those socks atop the middle banner?” and “Where did he get those snazzy denim shoes?” And I have answers to these questions.. It’s me.. the sock model is me. The shoes are from H&M. I know, the sock modeling game is one of mystery and intrigue.. much like being a hand model. It’s hard because often times people can’t appreciate you for your talents. That’s what being a sock model is like.

And here’s the deal.. It’s easy for me to revel in the glory, because I know it’s me.. but I simply could not be quiet this time. When I saw this picture, I wanted to yell to the entire world from a mountain top, and decry that “I, sirs, am a sock model!”

Today I’m modeling Alpaca socks:

They’re thick bitches, so it’s kind of hard to identify the ankle definition.. but don’t let them fool you, it’s there. GO THERE