Introducing The Lebron James APP.. Finally, An App I Can Get Onboard With

(should have at least had Jason Sudekis narrate this ad)



Actually no I fucking can’t get onboard with this app.. I don’t even know what it entails.. I don’t actually know why it exists. It’s days like these where I’m happy I don’t have a dumb Galaxy phone.. because Samsung would go and do something like this.

“Everything Bron Bron”? WHY? No. Not interested, the best part about Bron Bron in the playoffs is that you don’t hear a word from him.. he’s virtually silent. Too be honest, other than the “MJ stare down” I have heard more about the Spurs than I have about the Heat.. that is the exact opposite of how it is in the regular season. Regular season ESPN might as well be called LeBron James Highlight Reel.

So my question is.. is it really everything Bron Bron? Like you know how sometimes you snapchat your bro a picture of you’re morning shit? Are there going to be poo pics? Is there going to be a dark side to this app? Are there going to be snapchat videos of Bron’s arguments with his wife? You know, stuff like that. Because if there isn’t and it’s all pictures of Bron Bron forcing smiles and Ray Allen pedicure dates, I am not down for that. That’s dumb idea.

What I did gather from all of this is that LeBron’s kid’s can absolutely yam when it comes to Nerf basketball.. Dunk City.

PS –

Just incase you were wondering what the face of a guy who ended up taking less money to go down to Miami to play for a championship, instead of playing for a very possible one in green looked like.. this is what it looks like.. and is exactly why the numbers 5 and 34 will be retired to the rafters of the TD Banknorth Garden.. and not the number 20.