I’d Be Lying If I Said This “Look UP” Spoken Word Video Gave Me Goosebumbs

This video’s going viral today. Really making the rounds, I’ve seen it on twitter, and Facebook, and Youtube.. waitt, would I even have seen it if I was “Looking up”? Nope.

422 friends, bro? I’d be lonely too, that’s why I have WELL OVER A THOUSAND.. and tons of babes. I’ve been getting “likes” left and right.. not a bit lonely. Do I miss the touch of a human being? Nope. Do I miss eye contact? Nope.

Here’s my excuse when people try to technology shame me.. “Oh sorry, just reading the headlines.. how about Crimea huh? Did you hear about those girls that were kidnapped in Africa? Sorry, just educating myself on the world.” Because not only do I love to stay current, but because what are they going to say next? And not even like that’s an excuse.. in today’s mass media, you don’t hear about everything.. social media, that’s different.. you hear about everything there. So yeah go ahead.. look up. Do it, you nerds.

I bet you this guy finished filming this and spent the rest of his day playing candy crush or some bullshit.. no way he isn’t glued to his phone.. I could write that shit and get a couple million views.. not hard to be creative like that. Nothing frustrates me more than people who say “Oh I hate how disingenuous social media is, I hate how people are always looking at their phones.. blah blah blah” and then do exactly the same.

Not only that but I bet you there was a spoken word in the 50’s that was similar to this but instead was called “Everyone stop listening to Rock Music.. It’s the Devil” because you know what? Every generation has their “problem.” Get with the times.

So excuse me while I go “like” everything on Facebook and Instagram, and favorite every other tweet I see.. because I’m “addicted” to “online interaction.”

PS – Why do people have to pretend that the reason they aren’t social is because of technology.. because I’ll admit I use social media a fucking ton.. but I also meet, on average, 20 new people a day. Grow up.

PPS – Seriously have you heard about this kidnapping story in Africa? It’s 100 percent unsettling.. I strongly urge you to google it and read up on it.