Alright, So It’s Official, We’ve Added Another Dope Sports Writer


Well, ok.. It’s hard to admit it.. but I’m the guy who pretends he knows everything about sports.. but is really just regurgitating stats and opinions I heard on ESPN before my first bate sesh in the morning.. pretty much just say word for word exactly what Skip Bayless says.. and sometimes MIchael Wilbon too. I love crushing a little SportsCenter to start my day, it allows me to be able to throw around some sports knowledge. But I don’t know shit, you ask me about the Clippers/Warriors series, I’m the guy that throws around blanket statements like “Oh I think if Steph Curry can be consistent in the next couple games they have a chance at winning this series.. oh the Grizzlies? They grind games out.. they’re gritty” but I don’t know stats, I actually really don’t know anything.

This guy, Isaiah, on the other hand.. he knows his shit. He’ll be the resident football guy.. among many other things.. he’s your new go to for football commentary. Plain and simple.

You might be saying “Football’s irrelevant right now..” Well actually it’s not, it’s draft season, big things are happening.. and before you know it, training camp is going to be upon us.

Can’t wait, bro!

-Sam AKA WeekendWarrior

PS- I’m really working hard to come up with a better nickname for myself, and I realize that’s not how nicknames come about, like you’re not supposed to give yourself a nickname.. but idk