Well, Alright, Teacher Gives Student A Full Contact Lap Dance In Front Of The Class.. NBD


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – An Aldine Independent School District teacher is accused of giving a middle school student a lap dance in front of other students. Court documents show Felicia Smith, 42, was charged with improper relationship with a student on Thursday.

Court records state Smith performed a nearly 4-minute long lap dance for a 15-year-old boy on Feb. 26 at Stovall Middle School.

During the dance, Smith played music and the boy told police she hugged him and said, “I love you baby, Happy Birthday.”

Court records show that Smith admitted to police that she gave the student a lap dance on his birthday after the class “convinced her to do it.”

Smith told police she remembered “circling the student while he was sitting in the chair and losing her balance a few times which made the students laugh.”

Authorities said the “full contact lap dance lasted approximately 3.54 minutes.”

Saw this on Barstool.. Unless this class was Stripper 101… I mean.. I don’t know.. It must have made the class a bit uncomfortable.. very borderline inappropriate… Middle School.. that’s young… I’d say if it was after class, and it was just them.. sure, do it. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear.. but in front of the whole class, that’s what poor judgment looks like. That’s what got you locked up. Because you know that one of those little weasels was going to tell the boss man what happened.. you couldn’t expect everyone to keep it a secret.. how does that old saying go? A dead man will keep a secret forever? Might have to either kill your class or pay them a large sum of money.. if you don’t do either of those things.. you get caught 100% of them time.