These Buffalo Cheerleaders Who Feel ‘Sexually Objectified’ May Have Picked The Wrong Profession



One of five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders suing the team shared with HuffPost Live the specific details of the “jiggle test” that determined whether the women were physically prepared to perform on game day.

Alyssa U., a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the Bills, and her attorney spoke with host Caitlyn Becker on Thursday about the case, which alleges cheerleaders were underpaid for hundreds of hours of work at public appearances, where they were sexually objectified. The cheerleaders’ bodies were also routinely evaluated by a coach who documented their flaws, Alyssa said.

“One week prior to the game, we were to dress in our uniforms and stand before our coach, who had a clipboard in her hand, and we had to face forward, turn around, face back to the front and do about 10 jumping jacks. And from there, she would write down on her notepad what parts of our bodies jiggled,” she said.

The next day, the women would receive an email with checkmarks that indicated what body parts — including “butt, thighs, back, stomach” — they needed to work on.

“If a girl got two checks in these areas, she was warned that she was not going to be field ready, and if there were three check marks, then she was not performing, she was sitting the next game,” Alyssa said.

So, many people will think, “Sam, it’s not alright for women to be sexually objectified, no matter what profession they choose…” I hear ya. Everyone has women in their life that they love and respect, whether it be their mother or girlfriend.. so this kind of thing should matter. But come on! pick your poison here ladies!

Your job is to go flaunt your physically fit body for a bunch of drunk dudes in football jerseys.. that’s NFL Cheerleading. You’re complaining that you had to do a “jiggle test,” like that’s shocking news.. it’s not. You know, it’s one thing if it was a male coach.. but it wasn’t. Complaining that you’re being sexually objectified, is kind of similar to a stripper complaining that she’s sexually objectified.. That’s side one to the story.

Side two: These ladies get paid shit. They really don’t make enough for the kind of job their doing and the physical and mental dedication.

Here’s my soloution… pay these chicks three times what you’re paying them now, hell 4, 5, 6 times more (which is still probably not enough).. because come the fuck on, you can afford it, you own an NFL Team.. there are only 32 of those in the world.. and in turn these ladies can’t bitch and moan every time they do a “jiggle test.” Problem solved.

PS – I actually may have just fallen in love.. is that even possible?