If You’re Not Crying By The End Of This ‘Forensic Artist Draws Men’s Testicles As They See Them, Then Again As Others See Them’ Video, Then You’re A Robot Devoid Of Human Feelings


Big man tears right now.. so.. beautiful. Such a testament to the self-esteem issues that many men are facing today. You’re beautiful in your own way.. you may think that your sack is comparable to a dead bloated frog cooking in the sun, or an old sack of dirty stinky rags, but that’s not you.. that’s not who you are. Your sack is round, it’s strong, there’s in abundance of untapped confidence in those balls, waiting to be discovered.

If I’m having a bad day I’d probably describe mine as saggy, unkept, wrinkly, depressed balls with hairs sticking out every place like the bristles on a worn out toothbrush… but not today! Today is a good day! Today’s a tight, triumphant day, full of adventure and promise. I got my big boy pants on, ready for some fun in the sun.

This video just brings tears to my eyes, happy tears. I’ll say it again, if this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you’re probably a robot devoid of human emotion, you’re probably Dennis Reynolds..



PS – Obviously this is a parody.. had to say that so annoying people won’t facebook me like “You know that’s not a real video, right?” Nothing more annoying than that