Yankees’ Pineda Uses Dirt, I mean Pine Tar, Yet Again For Better Grip On Baseball


Hey Michael, you got some dirt on your neck, bro… oh wait.. that’s pine tar. Sneeeeeaky Pineda, sneaky putting pine tar on his neck. He definitely tried to pass it off as dirt again.. sticky dirt that smelled like the depths of a pine tree forest. Nice try. He almost got away with it too “They’ll check my glove, they’ll check my hands, but they’ll never check my neck…” until Gerry Davis found it on his neck and was like seeya kid.

The announcers keep saying how they think it’s a stupid rule and that, if it’s just for grip, pitchers should be able to use foreign substances.. what he fuck are these guys even saying? You pitch in the elements you are given, without substances just like every other pitcher in the league, no exceptions, no hand up on your opponent.

Pineda was warned by Joe Girardi that pine tar was illegal.. and that if he used it again, he’d be suspended. Guy knew what he was doing and did it.

Kind of upset Pineda didn’t go all George Brett on everyone’s asses

George Brett actually commented on the incident in a TMZ article…
“Wow. I’ve known guys to put it on their glove, shin guards, on their bats … but I never heard of that. It’s mind-boggling.” Nothing but the best from Brett “mind-boggling”..

P.S. Ump Gerry Davis’ has such a DeNiro face when he walks out to the mound to inspect Pineda.. so DeNiro.