So Ellsbury Got Booed Pretty Hard In His Return To Fenway


Look, am I butthurt that Ellsbury went to the Yankees? No, not at all really.. Baseball is a business and in the end of the day, unless your someone as nobel and loyal as Jon Lester, you take the money. But I mean going from the Red Sox organization to the Yankees organization is kind of a no-no. He fits them perfectly though, couldn’t really ever grow a beard anyway. Much better clean shaven.

I think they were probably just booing the choice of walk out music… Nig**s In Paris? Dude that song is so yesterday.. in fact, it’s actually as Yankees Ellsbury as it gets, kind of strikes me as a song someone trying way too hard to be cool would choose.. like the kid who wears too many sweat bands on his arms, goes ham on the eyeblack, and takes three too many hardo cuts before he makes it to the plate. He’s just trying to fit in..

I’ll tell you what Ellsbury’s walk up song should be..

22 by T Swift.. Get it? Because he’s #22.. It’s kind of an obvious choice.. that’s how you fit in.. you be funny.. you make fun of yourself.. it’s just such an Ellsbury song.. soft n sassy

Just reminds me of the naive, follower Ellsbury that we all knew and loved:

I actually can’t even find the youtube link for the Pedroia Ellsbury ‘Sports Friends’ short so here’s the actual link..

This is another great one: