Pao Gasol’s Just Balling On Everyone And Their Mothers


Here’s the way I see it. This @LakeshOwQueen chick just trolled the shit out of Pau.. basically said “Hey Pau, you’re little bro is playing in a playoff game right now.. you’re not. Let that settle in, think about that one for a second.” Anyone who thinks that she’s just a dumb broad, and thinks that Pau BOOM ROASTED this chick is dead wrong. Pau just got owned. Can’t troll a troll bud, just can’t do it.. you come out looking like an idiot 100/100 times. Her name’s not @LakeshOwQueen for nothing.. I think she knows what she’s talking about..

Plus, if you’d care to check her out.. she’s kinda hot..

Well those links just didn’t work one bit, did they..?