Wow, Ashland Police Actually Surprised Me With Their Reaction To This “500 Person Party”.. I’m Accustomed To Police Brutality


ASHLAND – Dozens of local and state police, joined by the National Guard, busted up a large party at an apartment that drew upwards of 500 people to watch the Boston Marathon on Monday, police said.

Although no problems occurred at 348 Union St., which is on the race route, Ashland Police Chief Craig Davis said authorities were worried that as the revelers drank more alcohol, things could get out of control.

“We had a very large group with alcohol involved, and they were just getting around the borderline of something possibly happening,” said Davis. “We didn’t want them driving and we didn’t want any of them walking.”

So, Davis said, the Ashland Police brought in Ashland school buses and drove the 500 college-age men and women to Framingham State University, where most of them are students. Davis said it took 11 or 12 bus trips to get everyone there.

Umass Police would have just peppered sprayed and smoke bombed their way out of this situation. It would have been called a riot just so a bunch of rent-a-cops could get away with a little rubber bullet target practice, picking off students on the porch.. Not in Ashland. They get it. They understand their purpose: to keep the public safe. That’s what cops are for, to make sure that the safety of the public remains intact.

These guys get it. Instead of arresting 500 people, get buses and take their drunk asses back to school. I think the students should be soo fucking thrilled that this happened that they should literally chip in to pay for the busses.. would have gotten a $50+ fine if you got arrested anyway.. you don’t have anything on your record, no disturbing the peace, open container, or refusal to disperse charges, that would have been handed out at Umass.. no court dates.. nada. Throw some cash. At least thank these cops for being different, and giving you the benefit of the doubt. Other cops wouldn’t have been so friendly..

but I also think at the end of the day Marathon Monday was a day for celebration, it was a day for America.. no drama necessary.