Guy Thought He Was Getting Ecstasy, Did A Little Crank, And Ended Up Naked In A Walmart, Sounds Like My Friday Night



A South Carolina man who walked into a Walmart wearing nothing but his shoes said he went “crazy” after getting his hands on the wrong drugs.

“I’ve had a problem with drugs in the past. I still like to do ecstasy once in a while,” Kevin Hughes told WSOC-TV. “I accidentally got methamphetamine instead and it really made me crazy.”

Hughes, 36, said that he remembers going to sleep at his sister’s house Thursday. The next thing he recalled was waking up in his truck in the parking lot of a Tega Cay Walmart.

Hughes told a reporter that he only realized he was naked once he ventured into the store. When police arrived, he reportedly told them he was looking to buy some clothes, according to WGHP. He was escorted out by police, who found some shorts in Hughes’ truck and took him to jail.

He spent the night locked up on a disorderly conduct charge and bonded out the next day. Hughes said he is embarrassed by the incident and will probably move to a different town.

“I’m sorry. It was an accident. It wasn’t something I intended to do,” Hughes said. “I can’t face anybody that I know here anymore.”

One time I thought I was taking ecstasy, and ended up taking a viagra by accident.. so instead of showing up naked at a Walmart, I rocked a long hard boner for 6 hours. Kind of the same.

Alright that didn’t really happen. What actually happened was I took some ecstasy and still rocked a pretty lengthy hard on.. in sweatpants.. so kind of like a blessing and a curse. But that’s neither here nor there.. what I guess I’m trying to say is that you can’t be careful enough when doing drugs these days. I don’t do drugs, life is my drug (just incase my mom ends up reading this.. but seriously I don’t, or do I? Nope, I don’t.. I can just see my mom reading this with such roller-coaster expressions on her face like “Ohh my son’s done drugs.. oh wait he doesn’t do that.. oh wait he does.. oh he doesn’t”)..

Back to the topic at hand.. You are never guaranteed the drug you buy is the drug you intended on buying, these days at least. So this guy clearly gets a mulligans here.. drop a few charges guys because he thought he was getting ecstasy.. “It was an accident, it was an accident” he had no intentions of getting meth weird and showing up to Walmart naked. None whatsoever, he just wanted to do a little ex and chill at home just like everyone else. Plus apparently he was at Walmart to buy clothes.. so what if a few people see a little dong, guy’s on a mission.

And I mean come, on cut this guy some slack, looks like he probably hates his 9-5, and now he has to leave town because everyone’s seen his package and he was only wearing black shoes at Walmart.. poor guy