Today In ‘Why Cat’s Are Cold Calculated Killers’: Cat Sends Family To Hospital With Facial Lacerations



Don’t let that cute necktie fool you: This kitty’s got some serious claws.

Three members of a Roseville, Calif., family were taken to an area hospital Tuesday night after their pet cat — named Khat — became suddenly aggressive and attacked them.

“He’s never been an aggressive cat. He’s never been mean. He just flipped,” the owner, who did not want to be identified, told KXTV news.

The attack occurred after animal control had closed, so the Roseville Fire Department ended up responding to the cat-tastrophe.

“One of the patients had facial lacerations. The cat had actually jumped up on her face,” Fire Captain Derek Carey told the station. “It was hissing and just going off.”

Firefighters took the victims to the hospital and eventually managed to catch the cat using gear from their fire engine.

No word on what the family plans to do with the cat.

Last month, a cat belonging to an Oregon family made national headlines after he attacked a baby, then turned on his owners, trapping them in a bedrooms.

That family was rescued from their own home by police, and later received a house call from Animal Planet’s “cat whisperer,” Jackson Galaxy to help manage their distressed pet.

I love it, if there’s one thing I know about cat people, it’s that they are in serious denial.. “He’s never been an aggressive cat. He’s never been mean.. blah blah blah..” So what if he sent three of us to the hospital.. it was just an episode. Couldn’t be further in denial.. cats are cold calculated psychopaths. That sick neck tie wearing cat has been planning his attack for months, maybe even years.. playing it cool and calm.. waiting for his moment to strike.

Oh, you don’t know what you’ll do with the cat? I know what you’ll do.. you’ll take it back into your home, and feed it and pet it and send snapchats of it wearing it’s necktie.. just like nothing happened. That’s what cat people do.

P.S. how hard is it to “put” a cat down during a cat attack? I know they’re fur-ocious little beasts.. but sometimes you just have to roll the sleeves up a little bit, take a claw or two to the face, and put the little animal down.