I Can’t Believe It’s Been One Year Since The Marathon Bombing



I was at the Finish Line of the London Marathon on Sunday. People lined the streets, crowding up against the barriers on the edge of St. James Park, cheering family members on with signs that said things like “KEEP GOING DAD!” It was a surprisingly emotional experience for me and I think for every American that was near St. James Park.

I wasn’t at the Boston Marathon last year, I was safe and sound on my couch in Amherst, Mass. when I heard the news. The details that came flooding in on CNN shocked and confused me. I hurt for the families of the people who died, especially Martin Richard’s family, and also for those whose lives were altered like Jeff Bauman and all the others who were seriously injured.

But in this last year, in the face of such a tragic event, Boston has shown a resiliency that is so rare.. a rallying resiliency that nobody could have imagined. A resiliency that rode the back of our beloved Red Sox. This city has come together as a family, and has consequently become stronger than ever. So being at that finish line, watching those runners head for Buckingham Palace, just mere yards from completing something that is a truly amazing feat and a resilient accomplishment in and of itself, choked me up. Just feeling the vibes at the Finish Line in London, the good vibes that couldn’t have been any different from those on Boylston Street one year ago today, really caught me off guard.

But Boston will run this year, Boston’ll run next year, and the year after that.. and Boston will continue to run, and though we mourn the loss of life on April 15th, 2013, making it as far as we have is truly incredible. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

And for those of you who haven’t watched Obama’s speech from last year, here it is again. Hit’s the nail right on the head. The last two minutes could possibly make a grown man cry: