Westboro Baptist Church Threatens To Picket Umass After Derrick Gordon Announces He’s Gay



First of all let me just say I’m proud of Derrick Gordon, I think it’s safe to say that the whole Umass community is behind this guy.. I know that’s cliche to say at this point.. but unfortunately in the world that we’re living in today, coming out takes some serious balls.. it isn’t easy being gay in major sports.. but as we see more and more athletes come out I think we’re definitely moving closer and closer to normalcy.

But let’s move on to the topic at hand..

Well I mean I saw this yesterday or the day before.. So obviously saw this one coming… the Westboro Baptist Church loves picketing this shit.. The one thing we know about this piece of shit church is they’re all fucking talk. Like guys, cut the shit, people know who you are, you don’t need to pull publicity stunts like this.. if you say you’re going to picket, for fuck’s sake, picket!

I’m dying for these guys to roll in to Amherst. Dying for them to picket this.. Pres at Barstool said it perfectly, “They’d just get rioted to death.” We love riots.. peaceful, violent it really depends on the topic at hand.. I know the last “riot” (if you can even call it that) was only a month ago but it already seems like we are wayy over due for a good riot. So I hope we can all cordially invite WBC to show up in the next couple of days.

I just hope they know that we aren’t Mizzou when Michael Sam came out.. we won’t just link arms and turn are backs to the WBC, we won’t simply protect our campus in a peaceful manner like Mizzou did. We’ll be louder than that. In my vision there’s blood spilled, bottles thrown.. hell maybe even machetes. Can’t just kill them with kindess.. those days are over.. you can’t just go up to those “fag haters” and give them hugs, you’ll probably get shanked, or burned on a cross or whatever those sick fucks are into.





Likelihood they show up… 0.1%.. Probably won’t even show up. I don’t know.. it’s probably better they don’t.

P.S. I’m still not even sure about what they mean when they say “Fags”.. is that just a blanket name they use for anybody.. so confused.