Guy Attempts Home Insect Extermination, Quickly Burns His House Down



We’ve heard of fire ants, but this is ridiculous.

An Orlando man had to be rescued from his apartment Sunday after starting a fire while trying to “burn the bugs in his home and computer,” according to a police report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

Witnesses called 911 after they saw flames coming out of the second-story apartment and heard the resident shouting for help, according to WFTV.

Four neighbors kicked in the door and pulled the 26-year-old from the blaze around 11:30 p.m., before authorities arrived. The man was later treated for smoke inhalation.

Police don’t expect to file criminal charges, but a responding officer called for the man to be hospitalized because he is “a danger to himself and others.”

Flames are just not a good method of extermination, people. Last year, a Texas woman burned down her house trying to kill a snake with fire.

There are two kinds of people in this world: People that “do” and people that “don’t”. This guy’s a doer through and through.. guy had a bug problem and did the only sensible thing he could think of.. smoke the hell out of those bugs.

One day he went to watch some porn, you know, unwind, and those computer bugs probably fucked it all up.. that’s the last straw! Time to get rid of these bugs! Clearly he didn’t think this one all the way through.. painted himself in to a bit of a corner with some hot fuego, didn’t have an exit strategy. A sound home insect extermination goes like this… Step One: Smoke them out with fire, Step Two: Have an exit route close by in the form of A) a door or B) a window (in this guys case a window with a rope made out of bedsheets). The worst kind of pest extermination is the one that burns you to death..