Padres Ball Girl Probably Making The Best Play The Padres Will Make All Year


How about this Padres ball girl comin in hot!! Wasting absolutely no time getting on the 2014 MLB highlight reel!

So.. I’m not really up to date with Baseball.. I know the big trades, I know the Sox inside and out.. but I don’t know if the Padres still fuckin suck.. I just assume they do. If that’s still the case, their ball girl just made probably the best play they’ll make all season. They might as well sign her to a multi-year deal to help them out in the outfield.. hell, maybe even one of the hot corners! Who knows what type of stardom she could bring to this organization.

What a great catch though! It had all the criteria for a great catch:

– Feet left the ground

– Full extension

– Snowcone catch

– No big deal attitude.. “Been there before” demeanor

But hell, I looked up “Padres ball girl” on Youtube, and found these two videos.. looks like the Padres have the most ruthless right field ball girls in the league! Nothing gets by ’em

Love the big burley Atlanta bullpen running for cover.. hey gentlemen this little blonde chick made you look like little boys.. guys you’re playin in the MLB grow up, catch that shit barehanded..

You know maybe you can’t say as much for the Padres left field Ball girls.. “A” for effort…