The Danes Really Aren’t Beating Around The Bush With This Whole “Do It For Denmark” Sex Campaign

Have to love how the Gov isn’t beating around the bush here.. like “hey guys, soon, if you don’t start banging each other more regularly, we won’t have a goddamn country because our population is dying off and there isn’t any goddamn reproduction!!” chew on that for a minute. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Goddamn it! Why aren’t you having sex??? Just do it!!

Those silly Danes telling people to have more sex.. who knew the Danes didn’t enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse? Who knew that the absence of sex would be a problem anywhere at any point in time..

I have a hinting suspension that the women in Denmark are too stingy with sex.. but I would never say something like that, because frankly that’s pretty sexist.. so let’s balance it out a little.. maybe the men are too lazy? Who knows.. Maybe there’s something that I don’t know about that’s stopping Danes from reproducing? Or maybe they’re just wayyy better at practicing safe sex than we are?

I’ve read Hamlet.. I can definitely see Denmark being a capital of sexual frustration.. but I mean come on, I need sex, if I’m not having sex I feel bad.. it’s science, it’s how things work…

UPDATE: The Danes are obviously having plenty of sex, the truth of the matter is they’re better at preventing pregnancies.. kind of like the beginning of idiocracy:

Danes are a bunch of Trevor and Carols..