The Beacon Street Fire Yesterday Is Just Absolutely Heartbreaking

First of all, I know Sportsguy wrote a little piece about the fire in Boston yesterday.. such a tragedy. I had some serious hope yesterday after reading that the 2 firefighters were taken to the hospital.. I thought they were in good hands, and it’s not like they weren’t, I just had no idea how deadly the situation was. When I found out they had died.. My heart broke.. These guys put their life on the line everyday.. my heart is broken thinking about the families they left behind. Just puts things in perspective. You’re lucky too wake up in the morning, to live life, to love. We’re blessed. Seize the day today, do it for these firefighters. Religious or not, say a prayer for these guys and their families, send them some good energy.

Nothing pulls at the heart strings as much as picture’s like these do:

I love the brotherhood these guys have.