This Tennessee Fan Just Absolutely Killing It In The Sign/Humiliation/Swagger Game

Alright, so this was days ago.. I know, super late blogging it.. at this point everyone’s seen it. This was a must blog story, everyone blogged it (BleacherReport, Total Frat Move, Barstool..) but were they all traveling across Europe? Traveling from city to city while simultaneously finding places to stay, and places to eat and survive? Nope.. Survivor Man over here has been adventuring by the seat of his khaki pants, living off of baguettes and cheap meats, drinking his own urine out of a snakeskins just to survive like your man Bear Grillz.. well maybe not the last one. I’ve been trying to find time to sit down and blog. I digress…


Have you ever seen one person kill it in so many aspects of the game??? The sign A+, the humiliation meter easily at 100%, the orange bow tie and checkered pants combo? Swagger x 1,000,000,000,000. I mean come on!

This kid absolutely killed it! Umass Cheer, you idiots! So stupid! This is day one stuff! If this kid came up to me and asked me for a picture while my team was being blown the fuck out of the tourney? I’d tell him to get fucking lost.. kick rocks kid! You know why? Because there is a 100% chance this kid has a genius scheme to humiliate me. You don’t just wake up on game day, put on checkered pants, and not concoct a plan to make the other team look like a bunch of fucking idiots. Troll School 101. Not to mention this kid’s sign pretty much said “I’ll volunteer to bang you.” A+ all around, if this kid puts Tennessee on his back they might just win this whole thing. He’s pretty diabolical, I wouldn’t even be surprised. Not to mention I’m taking copious notes on this kid’s fashion sense.. that checkered pants/orange bow tie ensemble makes all of my outfits look like they were put together by a dickhead meth addict, just no rhyme or reason.

I can’t get over those cheer leaders just smiling totally oblivious to the whole world around them.. just so naive.. taking a picture with the enemy and they don’t even know it. I know a few of them.. I wonder how they’re taking it..