SCIENCE Finally Doing Something With This ‘What Kind Of Dancing Attracts Women” Study


It’s about time science did something for the common man.. I was going to try to summarize the study itself.. but I read at a 3rd grade level.. amplitudes? Yeah.. I don’t know how to put that into layman’s terms.. the video is much better anyway..

Yeah, I didn’t need science to tell that I’m a motherfuckin monster out there on the dance floor, eating up babes with my wildly erratic dance moves and smooth grooves. Just flailing my limbs to the beat, moving my head, getting those legs cranking. My mom told me I was a good dancer.. she’s never wrong. That’s all I needed, I didn’t need science to tell me that. But I guess now that they have.. it doesn’t hurt. I’m a fucking peacock when I dance, attracting attention to myself, giving off hormones of the sexiest varieties. Sorry, I’m not sorry. I got way more than the dice throw. Way more. I dance like I’m living in the 80s.. I don’t care what kind of music it is. Girls love the 80s. Ride or die with that shit.

I feel like Vince Vaughn, “You and I both know I’m a phenomenal dancer, now I know you’re lying through your teeth.” (2:00)