March Madness Day One Is Over: Upsets Make Me Upset


Everyone’s trying to pull themselves together after day on of the tourney. People are assessing their bracket damages after teams like Daytona and North Dakota State have upset brackets everywhere. Some people had them both winning.. and honestly I did too until I changed them last minute, going with Ohio State over Daytona and Oklahoma over North Dakota State. I chose the safe picks, only to remember that you need a strong set of testicles to win a bracket pool. You have to pick those upsets, and trust you’re fucking gut!

But that’s not really what this post is about.. this post is about that one person in your bracket pool that’s gone through day one with either one blemish, or none at all. I want to see them suffer through the rest of the tourney with the passion of a thousand suns. Nothing feels worse than being near the bottom of the leaderboard. I despise those at the top.

Day Two is about hoping those at the top fail. It’s about the pleasure you will find if their brackets absolutely unravel into unsalvageable pieces. You want to drink their March Madness tears, and enjoy the hell out of it, like a fine misery filled cocktail that only the victors spoil on themselves.

Ryan’s at the top of one of my leaderboards.. he doesn’t talk smack at all.. in fact there hasn’t been one bit of trash talk from his camp.. just silently winning. Goddamn it. If I was there I would be all over everyone’s shit. His silence eats at my insides.

Here are the games I’m really looking forward to:

Umass Vs. Tennessee

Umass hasn’t been to the tourney in quite a long time. They also manage to lose the big games. I have them beating Tennessee. Umass has been great pretty much all year.. it should be a good game.

Baylor Vs. Nebraska

Baylor is a 6 seed so they’e favorites here. But everyone’s talking Nebraska up. I have Neb with the upset.. we’ll see what happens.

Wichita State Vs. Cal Poly

Ok 1 Vs. 16.. never has a 16 seed beat a 1 seed. But I don’t know if people saw this post last week:


I had a feeling that Cal Poly was going to be a hot 16 seed.. (what we’ve learned today is that we go with gut feelings) they weren’t even in the tourney yet.. they still had a play-in game. Wichita State is the most vulnerable 1 seed out there. So don’t be surprised if Cal Poly makes this game real close.

I obviously have Wichita State, because it’s the “safe pick”.. but I’m a little uneasy about this one.