China Defending North Korea is Bad News for the US

A little background: As most of my friends know, I am obsessed with North Korea. No, that does not mean I think North Korea is a lovely country. It means that the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) is a unique place because of the public’s (forced) infatuation with their government that is so cruel to them. North Korea would be an incredible place to travel but I can’t afford it (tours are $$$) and my dad’s a Vietnam War vet (Go Navy!) and we don’t want this to happen to him. I guess a large part of my interest in the country comes from the mystery that surrounds it and how it is for all intents and purposes cut off from the rest of the world. Read this story from the USA Today to learn about the DPRK and how bizarre it is. 


So basically what has happened is that the United Nations has published that the North Korean government is as bad at the Nazis were. Do I agree the atrocities being committed in North Korea are as bad as those committed by the Nazis? Yes, but the world doesn’t know about it and it’s not given sufficient media attention.  A key difference between the DPRK and the Nazis are that the DPRK doesn’t really have death camps since they use their prison laborers to help sustain the fragile state-run economy. (Side note: there are some fascinating stories out there about North Korean concentration camp escapees and their stories.)

So this UN report brings to light some of the issues in the DPRK and how bad the country really is. Unfortunately China and North Korea are tight. North Korea isn’t really a threat to the US. We could squash them like a bug. However, China is a different story. This story scares me a little bit. I really don’t want to wake up one morning to the Chinese Army marching in the street and have to pull some Tank Man shit to save America. 


Ok sorry for being dramatic. Are we going to war with North Korea and China next week? No. Is there more of a chance of us going to war with them than you winning Buffett’s billion? Yes. Batten down the hatches.