I’m Like Totally Immersing Myself In The Irish Culture.. Totally (READ IT)


So I’m in Dublin.. which I kind of forget from time to time because I’ve only been seeking out American friends, I’ve been hanging out in Starbucks all day.. and earlier I had a “Route 66” burger from Burger King. Totally immersing myself in the Irish culture. I tried to use American money like 3 times.. they wouldn’t take it. I had to constantly remind myself that I was in Ireland, because this time yesterday I was waking up in my own room with my own American stuff and all the Starbucks and friends I could ever ask for, ever.

Here are a few things I absolutely dig about Ireland:

– They only have double decker busses.. there’s just something about double decker busses that makes me excited like a small child. Maybe it’s that they give you the option to ‘go up high’ that you don’t get on those dumb busses at home. Idk. I love em’ can’t get enough of em’… and if I knew for sure they didn’t turn into that bus from Harry Potter that goes dangerously fast.. I’d totally ride them around. Immersion.

– Girls butts. One time my little brother youtude-d “Girls butts live” when he was younger.. and I never knew what he meant until now. I watched “girls butts live” today. I think I walked through the Trinity College campus like 15 times today. Who knew irish girls had those? Immersion.

– A variety of all you can eat buffet options.. Thai noodle buffet.. Chinese buffet.. Indian buffet.. pretty much any kind of food from as Far East in the world as you can possibly think. Im-mer-sion.

I also realized I could make myself think I’m immersing myself by just over using the word.. more to come from Ireland.. next post about my plane ride.. the next post will talk about the crazy asian family who’s last name was “Cruz” and all sat in different seats that they were not assigned to. Also will talk about how people struggled with the plane’s lavatory doors. and sometimes even gave up. Also what I think should happen to the inflight movie format. STAY TUNED.