I’m Not Going To Say You Look Good Jim.. Because In Reality, You Look Fantastic


Jimmy Irsay looking phenomenal ^

So as you might have heard, Colt’s Owner Jim Irsay was arrested for a DUI.. and the possession of a controlled substance. Just facing 4 felony charges..

4 felony charges.. that’s not bad, right? Right?? Fuck.

You know what, when you lose Peyton Manning, it hurts. You may have wanted him gone, but when you watched him actually walk out the door.. it must have hurt. Then your team loses miserably to the Pats in the second round of the playoffs, while you watch Peyton tear his way to the Super Bowl. Seeing how well he’s done in Denver.. it’s gotta burn. I’m so not surprised if you start popping some oxys just to ease the pain.

Maybe you throw your best shirt on


and swing by the local saloon for some Long Island Iced Teas..


maybe pop a few oxy..


maybe mess with some nose candy..


I don’t know exactly what happened, what these ‘controlled substances’ were.. but you don’t just go from this..


To this..


Without some serious help from, I don’t know, a “Colombian workout supplement”.

He lost Manning.. some people deal with loss in different ways.. Irsay’s way of coping is sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.