Sabermetrics and March Madness

Although I (not the all the bloggers) will be shying away from March Madness this year to concentrate on providing other sports content I had to share this article from genius Nate Silver and his website/blog FiveThirtyEight. Sabermetrics is amazing. It goes much more in depth than Moneyball and Brad Pitt let on. Sabermetrics even looks at player’s performance during different temperatures, humidity, game time, location, playing surface, practically anything you could imagine.

P.S. I had to do big boy stuff like write a cover letter, apply to do a project over the summer at my school, and go to 3 classes and a lab today. I would much prefer to blog some more tonight, but I have more mature things to do unfortunately. Also my bl-artner in crime (blog partner? sounded cooler in my head I guess) goes off to Europe for the next couple months tomorrow so we’ll be on a brief hiatus until Thursday. You’ll pull through, I know you can do it.

Click the preview to take you over to FiveThirtyEight.

FiveThirtyEight   Building a Bracket Is Hard This Year  But We’ll Help You Play the Odds