I Think Dick Vitale Just Entered The “I’m Old And I’ll Do And Say What I Want” Stage Of Senility

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.01.09 AM

Just skip to 1:35 that’s when the games begin. Dick Vitale doesn’t have a dull story. He just doesn’t have em. Yelling every one of his words. He’s entered that old man chapter of his life where he just says whatever he wants. It’s the period of time that proceeds the stage in life where you can get away with shitting yourself.. where people just look at you and think “aww he shit himself.. that’s so sad.” Dicky V is right before that, just talking about strippers on ESPN like it ain’t no thang.. then sitting there smiling to himself. Relishing the moment. He knows what he did. Too funny, keep gettin’ old Dicky V.