Mr. Madness Is Going To Metaphorically Hold Your Scared Little Hands As He Walks You Through March Madness


Haven’t been paying attention to college basketball lately? The tourney kinda snuck up on you this year? Still think Syracuse is good? Want to slip Buffet’s billion into your pocket with that perfect bracket.. but don’t know where to start? You must have a ton of questions.. and today is your lucky day because I have answers for you.

Mr. Madness your bracket doctor is here. He’s a tourney sorcerer. Probably brewing up his Selection Sunday post as we speak.

I didn’t even ask for his tourney resumé, that’s how good this guy is. He wins bracket pools everywhere. He crunches numbers. He’s pretty much a human basketball encyclopedia. For those of you who watch The League he’s pretty much “The Oracle” of March Madness, but not as weird.

This is what we’re dealing with here.. The Oracle: