US Paralympic Hockey Team Beats Russia to Win Gold


NPR-  The U.S. defeated Russia 1-0, in a hard-fought match that was decided by a second-period goal. The Americans become the first team in Paralympic history to repeat as gold medalists. The bronze medal goes to Canada.

American Josh Sweeney scored the decisive goal on a breakaway. The Russians had chances to even it with two power plays, but they couldn’t get the puck past a tough U.S. defense and goalie.

So I figured this would be a good first post for me since I, 1) love America and 2) love hockey. Well the player who scored the winning goal for team USA (Marine SGT Josh Sweeney) lost his legs in Nowzad, Afghanistan during his second tour of duty in 2009. SGT Sweeney went through over a dozen surgeries to find himself a double amputee and injuries on the left side of his body.

“I remember telling my mom about a week after I got injured. I said ‘That sucks that I’m not going to get to play hockey anymore,’ ” Sweeney said. “It’s funny because I never thought of hockey regularly, and then it’s one of the first things I thought about it when I got injured.”

To be honest I never knew sled hockey was a thing until about a month ago. These guys don’t get much fame or media attention (however props to NBC for broadcasting the game) but they’re the guys who really deserve the attention. I imagine a lot of these guys are injured vets and the fact they beat Russia today makes me very proud to be an American.