Bruins Win 8th Straight

The Bruins have won their 8th straight game. This comes after a 5-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes at the Garden. Contributors were Iginla with 2 goals and Lucic (2 assists), Kelly, and Krug with 1 goal a piece. Assistant captain David Krejci helped out with 3 assists.

Johnny Boychuk put his body on the line for the Bruins tonight as he had 2 close brushes with injury.

NESN- “He went spilling into the boards in the middle of the third period, and the awkward fall put Boychuk in a very scary position. Both legs got caught underneath him as he went crashing into the end boards. Boychuk got up slowly and tried to skate it off before realizing something may not be right. He stopped in front of the Boston net and bent over. Shortly thereafter, he needed to be helped off the ice by a trainer and B’s center David Krejci while not putting any pressure on his right leg. From there, Boychuk went down the tunnel, presumably done for the afternoon. Moments later, however, he returned to the bench. He eventually hopped over the boards and back into the game just a couple of minutes after a near-disaster. Unfortunately, Boychuk’s stay on the ice was short-lived, though. He then took a slap shot to, of course, his right leg. He bent over in pain, skated toward the bench and through the door. This time, though, Boychuk stayed at the bench and eventually went back into the game.”

Johnny Boychuk, Patrick Dwyer

Hockey players are seriously tough people. It’s basically unfathomable how they are able to take such abuse and are still able to walk every day.

“Boychuk, who had X-rays done after the game, also said that he was just thankful that both of his legs weren’t broken after the initial spill. And once he got hit with the slap shot upon returning, there was only one thing he could do.”

Oh yeah I’m just really happy cause my legs aren’t broken. He’s basically on cloud 9 because he can still move his legs. Truly amazing athletes.