Just When I Started Thinking J. Lo Wasn’t Relevant Anymore.. She Throws This In My Eye


Ha. Just when I thought J. Lo was done, just when I thought she was old, losing her touch a little bit.. she throws this right in my face! I don’t know why I thought she was an after thought, just as hot as ever.. what was I thinking??

Blazing Hot!! Jenny from the motherfuckin Block! Look at that face, she knows exactly what she’s doing, just as diabolical as it gets! “Oh nobody watches American Idol anymore? I think I can change that.” Hey Ben Affleck.. good job losing this shit bro..

You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you don’t have what you want. Well, I want J. Lo.. and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing she’s out there and I’m not on that shit. Belly full of lust.