This “How Much Are Your Body Parts Actually Worth” Buzzfeed Post Is Giving Me Some Pretty Sinister Thoughts Right Now


(Above gif/image taken from

Oh man $337 for a pint of blood in the U.S. of A.?? I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty sure I could give up a few quarts of blood every week. Just for contemplation’s sake, let’s say three quarts a week. Ok, not bad, a little light headed but you’re wallet.. you’re wallet isn’t light at all. Simple math… 3 x $337 = $1011. I realize that this might be Dreamland and that giving up that much blood / finding ways to sell it on the “black market” might be kind of hard.

Bottom line is you know that you’re strapped for cash when you consider whether or not you can live without each body part on this gif/image. More specifically when you ask yourself how many square inches of skin your okay with letting go of. I mean come on $10 per square inch.. I’d almost feel bad taking that money.

Wait.. Galbladder?? Those aren’t necessary, right?? You don’t need those to survive, right? $1,219.. I’ll call the doc tomorrow and set it up.