Nothing About Lindsay’s Bang List Excites Me




I don’t know.. there are so many blurred out names.. just leaving me curious, plus I don’t really care about the names that are on it, and who even knows if this is an authentic list. I think I need a handwriting sample! I need some scientific courtroom analysis!

I also had to google half the names on this list. That’s not very impressive, Lohan. You throw the Gos on the list.. maybe Ryan Reynolds.. and you have my attention Lindsay. But James Franco.. yawn.. Zac Efron.. yawn.. Joaquin Phoenix.. weird. Maybe this list doesn’t really interest me because I know you’re probably a handful in the bedroom.. you’re certifiably insane.. not many of these guys on your list match you.. maybe Colin Farrell.

But I totally get “bang lists”.. there’s something fun about making lists like these. You can look back on all your erotic escapades, very Dennis Reynolds. I have a list. Sure. I think everyone has this list. A catalog of sorts.